Childs Park, Ascot Drive, Chipping Norton NSW
Next Market Day is: Saturday 01 October 2016 - 08:00am until
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Welcome to Warwick Farm Trackside Market

Farmers market with fresh produce every Saturday 8am to 12 o'clock. Producers come from all over NSW to bring you beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fruit in season, vegies, eggs, honey and lots more.  Relax and enjoy brunch whilst you meet the growers and do your shopping.

Why We’re Different

Only producers actually growing or producing fresh produce and products are allowed to sell at the Warwick Farm Trackside markets. Find out more about our unique & successful markets.

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Who We Are

United Growers Pty Ltd was formed by 11 farmers each contributing the capital and working funds from their own pockets.  In November 2004, we commenced trading as “Warwick Farm Trackside Market”.

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We've Moved!

From the 3rd of October 2015 we relocated to Childs Park, Ascot Drive, Chipping Norton.

Gates open at 8am sharp and close at 12 noon.

Parking is available at the nearby Community Centre and alternative parking is accessible via Homestead Ave.


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Still the same fresh picked and in season produce!

Weekly Featured Crop

Mushrooms: Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics reveal that mushrooms were thought to bring immortality and that only the pharaohs, who were thought of as godlike, could receive this privilege. Commoners, therefore, were not even allowed to touch mushrooms. Many cultures believed that eating mushrooms could endow them with super-human strength. This belief was prevalent in Russia, China, Greece, Mexico, and Latin America. Other beliefs concluded that they gave people clairvoyance in locating lost objects, gave power to the Norsemen before a battle, not to mention, that it is a powerful aphrodisiac.

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