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Seafood Paella


1. Quickly stir fry the prawns, calamari and octopus in a little oil for about 1 1/2 minutes.

2. Remove from saucepan. Scrub mussels, de-beard them and quickly sauté them in the same saucepan with the pasta sauce until they open. *Big Tip: Discard any that haven't opened.

3. Add the prawns, calamari and octopus and heat through for one more minute.

4. Serve with rice or pasta. But you could also serve it with kipfler pototes that have been steamed and sliced lengthwise (like fettuccine).

5. Serve with a good sparkling wine. White or red, you decide.

Seafood Paella Ingredients
Ingredient Quantity Description Stallholders
Green Prawns100 gramscleaned
Black Musselsa couple of hundred gramsmedium size
Baby Octopushandful
Calamarihandfulsqueeze kiwi fruit over it for 1/2 an hour
Pasta Sauce1 jar

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