Corn or maize (zea mays) is a domesticated native plant of the Americas.  The earliest direct-dated maize in the northeast is 399–208 BC, in the Finger Lakes region of New York.
The word "corn" has many different meanings depending on what country you are in. Corn in the United States is also called maize or Indian corn. In some countries, corn means the leading crop grown in a certain district. Corn in England means wheat; in Scotland and Ireland, it refers to oats. Corn mentioned in the Bible probably refers to wheat or barley.
Maize was developed from a wild grass (Teosinte) originally growing in Central America (southern Mexico) 7,000 years ago. Over a period of thousands of years, Native Americans purposefully transformed maize through special cultivation techniques.The ancestral kernels of Teosinte looked very different from today's corn. These kernels were small and were not fused together like the kernels on the husked ear of early maize and modern corn.
Corn was introduced to Europe about 1492 by Columbus when they discovered the grain in Cuba.

The major products from corn are Corn oil, corn starch, corn sweeteners and corn syrup. 
Ethanol is another major refined corn product; refined from the starch of the corn kernel, ethanol is an alcohol that has many industrial uses. In 2009, nearly 9 billion gallons of ethanol was produced in the United States, using about 33% of US corn grain and ethanol production has increased in 2012 and consumed 40% of the corn grain crops.

The biggest corn producer in the world is USA followed by China.
References list over 500 different uses for corn. Corn is a component of canned corn, baby food, hominy, mush, puddings, tamales, margarines and many more human foods.
Some industrial uses of corn include filler for plastics, packing materials, insulating materials, adhesives, chemicals, explosives, paint, paste, abrasives, dyes, insecticides, pharmaceuticals, organic acids, solvents, rayon, antifreeze, soaps, and many more.

Personally, I just like it thrown on the BBQ with lots of butter or in fritters.

Information sourced from: Iowa State University,, Corn Refiners Association.


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